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Sleep Buddy - Soft and Comfy Adult Head Protector for Safe Sleeping

Sleep Buddy - Soft and Comfy Adult Head Protector for Safe Sleeping

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The Sleep Buddy is a more comfortable nighttime alternative to the Head Buddy. The Sleep Buddy offers soft-foam protection covered by a luxurious, washable toweling that is perfect for extra protection during the night. Sleep Buddy is a specially designed Head Buddy to be worn while sleeping only, with no chin strap

Designed for the elderly and people with disabilities. Suits such disabilities as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, or cerebral palsy.

  • Non-toxic, Washable Foam
  • Machine washable 100% Cotton Towelling covering
  • Velcro® fastened for easy adjustment and fitting
  • No chin strap for safety while sleeping

Colours may vary slightly due to fabric range.

Visit our Fitting Instructions page to make sure you are wearing your Sleep Buddy correctly!

Disclaimer: This item is not to be worn while standing or walking and is only suitable when the individual is laying down. This product is not a protective helmet, and does not protect the head from injury. Supervision is required at all times.



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