HEAD BUMPA was an idea conceived by a mother whose child suffered a nasty bruise after falling against a table edge. She then organised a group of mothers to start manufacturing this product.

This child safety product is now recognised as an aid in the local city hospitals as well as concerned mothers with active toddlers.

HEAD BUMPA PTY LTD also manufactures for adults with disabilities requiring cranial protection

Head Bumpa has been manufactured now for over 18 years and exports world wide


Andrew is 3 yrs old, he has hearing aids & a very aggressive seizure disorder but the traditional helmet he is forced to endure will often bring the seizures on, it was a viscous circle. Now with your Head Bumpa, it's fantastic
The kids in his class are more comfortable with him and just today included and interacted with him during book time with noticeable ease and those head crashes he loves to do when he's looking for a hug do not hurt anymore. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your product is a gift to those who need it most.

Angela & Andrew USA

We got the head bumpa for our 5 yr old daughter today and it's perfect. Our little girl is playing at a friend's house right now with her head bumpa on and I am sitting at home knowing she's safe. Thank you a million times over! I will send a picture of her wearing it shortly. It looks adorable on her.

Chris T

YAH they finally arrived and I must say I am impressed, not only with the actual Head Bumpa product but Indianna loves the cuddle rug which is weird because she hasn't loved anything like that previously, so thankyou.


It has made me giggle - I feel like Lola needs a tennis racket or a guitar - I went to fit the main piece and it looks like her sweatband is on ready to rock !


You have a great product. It will save many from a lot of anxiety.


Thank you so much as my son is enjoying the product. It is light to wear and for our new home that has ceramic tiles on the floor your Head Bumpa is an asset. We appreciate you for your business.