Head Bumpa is a family owned and operated business, and every Head Buddy or Head Bumpa head protector is made right here in Australia!

Head Bumpa began over 20 years ago, when the Head Bumpa product was created in the family home to protect their baby just learning to walk. After finding the best possible materials, gathering together a group of mums who wanted to work from home as well, and refining the design, the Head Bumpa began production. A little later, the Head Buddy was added, as the family’s grandparents began getting older, and struggled to manage fall risks while staying in their home.

Since then, the Head Bumpa and Head Buddy range has expanded in designs and colours, with the Banz range  and Sleep Buddy being added, as well as a few fun accessories. Head Bumpa products are being used in the Disability Support sector, hospitals and aged care facilities, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, and concerned loved ones. Our Products are exported all over Australia and the world to families just like ours.

We started by trying to protect and care for our loved ones, and are now helping you care for yours. We love making Head Bumpa and Head Buddy products - Because We Care.

All Head Bumpa and Head Buddy products are made with soft, washable 100% cotton terry toweling, and non toxic, impact absorbing foam that offers protection and breathability.

All Head Bumpa and Head Buddy products are machine washable, as the foam will not absorb water however, please don’t put them in the dryer…air drying is best as it’s the fabric covering that needs to dry.

They are designed to be fully adjustable, easy to wear, and so comfortable that they can be worn for long periods without discomfort. 

As every Head Bumpa and Head Buddy product is made right here in Australia, and shipped to you from our family home business, you don’t have to wait for drop shipping or overseas mail.

When you contact customer service, you will be speaking directly to us, and not a third party or receptionist!

And yes…custom sizes and colours are available on request. Please contact us if you have any questions, and we will do our best to help you out!