Fitting Instructions

Head Buddy & Chin Strap (Detachable)  

Step 1. Always ensure that the Head Buddy is snugly fitted.
Place as low over the brow as possible.


Step 2. Left hand side flap is placed across the back of the head first.


Step 3. Place the right hand side flap over the left hand side, fit snugly.
Ensure the velcro grips firmly.


Setp 4. Lastly place the top flap down over the other two flaps, fit snugly.
Ensure velcro grips firmly.



Chin Strap (Detachable) Fitting Instructions   

Step 1. With the Head Buddy facing towards you, lay the strap out in a straight line.
Connect the velcro in the middle of the strap horizontally to the velcro in the middle of the Head Buddy. 

Step 2. Next, you will find small straps to your left and right side.
Attach each of these vertically to the respective velcro strips on the Head Buddy.

Step 3. Now place the Head Buddy over the head and attach the buckle under the chin.
Adjust size to fit comfortably and safely.